Pueyo de Jaca

Located in the Tena Valley, the part of the municipality Panticosa,  in the Alto Gallego, Huesca (Spain). At 1091 meters altitude, is set on the edge of the reservoir Búbal, just where the waters of the Caldarés River converge with the Gallego River.

Its name means “place at the top” (referring to the small hill on which the village stands).

Is reported for the first time in XIV century, due to its central geographic location in the XVII came to hold the administrative capital of the Tena Valley. Along with Panticosa and Hoz, until 1836 it formed one of the three historic “quiñones” where the valley was divided. For many centuries it was known simply as “Pueyo” acquired the current name in 1857.

Route of its architectural highlights the Church of San Miguel (XVI century), the Mansion of the Viñaza and Concellar Bridge.

Valle de Tena

In the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees, in the province of Huesca, in the Alto Gallego, being tour of the Gallego river from north to south.

It is Border with French Ossau valley, with which it communicates through passage of Portalet d’Aneu. It is one of the largest valleys and villages of the Pyrenees. It has an area of about 400 square miles and altitudinally, ranging from 600 meters in its lower part to over 3000 in many of its peaks (Balaitus, Gran Facha, Argualas or Picos del Infierno).

It also has two large reservoirs, Lanuza and Búbal.

It offers a complete tourist infrastructure, driven mainly by its Ski Resorts. Both stations as each and every one of the villages in the valley, have been remodeled to offer visitors the best facilities and services that facilitate your stay.

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